Three generations of remodeling NJ's finest homes

All contractors are not created equal. Many homeowners who remodel have horror stories to tell.  They have experienced shoddy workmanship by inexperienced laborers, erratic and unpredictable schedules, and sloppy or unsafe work conditions.  Sometimes a price is quoted to secure the job, then dollar after your dollar is added along the way in order to finish it.  They are out there. Then there are competent, but uninspired contractors, who are happy to show up when they have time, do what they are told, and do an OK job.

Aanensen's is different.  We recognize that home remodeling is not just a product, but also an experience. Whether it is a small bath or a large addition to a house, we embrace the challenge of matching your unique remodeling needs with the very best design, products, craftsmanship, and project management. We do our best to tell you the true cost of your project upfront. Our own carpenters will respect your home, and our office will coordinate the process so that the work flows smoothly and efficiently until every last detail is complete.  We always strive to exceed your expectations. 

That is our philosophy, and it has worked for our third generation family business for over 59 years. At first glance, one may not understand the extra value of using Aanensen’s. They may only see the difference in price between our estimate and one from the "OK" contractor, or the horror story. But we are proud of the fact that after our clients work with us once, they continue to use us again and again, and their recommendations to their family and friends is our primary source of work.

We hope this website will show a glimpse into what we do, and how we might be able to serve you. We thank you for your interest in Aanensen’s.

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