Harry Kruse (1928-2011)

Yesterday we lost an old friend and longtime employee, Harry Kruse.  Harry was many things we should all aspire to be in life: a gentleman, a professional, a craftsman, an honest friend.  He made our business better, and embodied everything we came to stand for in our work.  There were never any problems with Harry, only solutions.  Work was taken seriously, but with the greatest sense of humor and calm perspective for it all. 

Once, as a young man, I watched Harry stand in the middle of the room on a project we were about to start, slowly drawing on a pipe, lost in thought.  Later, I asked my father what exactly was going on here.  My father answered, "that's just Harry, figuring out every cut he needed to make, solving every problem he knew would arise, before he starts to do anything."  This amazed me then and continues to inspire me today.

Harry worked for over 35 years at Aanensen's, with all three generations of owners, well into his 70's.  He has been in thousands of our customers homes, who, if they ever happen to read this, would instantly remember him.  Even after he "retired," we called him back frequently for difficult or special projects that needed his level of skill and experience.  And during his time with us, he inspired and taught many other employees that will continue to spread his legacy of craft for years to come.

So on behalf of the entire Aanensen's family, and past and present staff, we thank you Harry.  One could not have a higher level of respect and regard for another, than we do for you.  You are a part of our family, and we will miss you.