Below is a link to my own personal kitchen, which we remodeled about 6 years ago, and was published in HOME Magazine in May 2007.   It also won the Sub Zero/Wolf kitchen design contest for New Jersey that year.  At the time, I was enamored with Scandinavian Modernism and its clean lines and use of simple, yet rich materials.  The overall effect is a paradox:  it is simultaneously warm and rich, but also light and airy.

We've changed some things since then, updated and recovered furniture, painted the walls, etc., but the bones remain the same.  The Brookhaven cabinetry looks the same as the day it was installed, the solid walnut counters have developed a faint dappled texture and patina but still look fantastic, while the crema marfil marble island is stained and water marked and will most likely need to be resurfaced (though at this point I still regard the markings as a badge of honor from all the meals I've prepared on them).  The Wolf and Sub Zero appliances still look great, but I have developed a relationship with my local service company and see them grudgingly every year or two.  Like a German sports sedan that is now out of warrantee, cost of ownership can be high. 

Hope you enjoy, here's the article: