This shared children's bath is a sophisticated study in blue and white, and is as functional as it is beautiful.  We used a pallete of all white cabinets and field tile, and dressed them up with punches of different shades of blue glass tiles and accents.   Here are some of the details,

For the layout, there is a double sink vanity, a shower and separate tub.  There are two points of entry, on from each bedroom.  Here's a view of the wall opposite the vanity:

Bath shower overview 

And another view over the vanity to the separate tub


The cabinetry is done in a beaded-board style cabinet door, and the vanity and tub are topped with an recycled glass countertop material called IceStone.  As the glass it uses is recycled, it qualifies as a "green" material.  I usually don't like using these kinds of man-made counter materials because many of them try and imitate real stone, often poorly.  But in this case, we were really going for color and fun and it is a perfect use of the material.  Here's a closeup (the white spot is the reflection of the recessed light above, not a blemish in the counter!).

Icestone closeup 

One of my favorite parts of the room is the shower stall, which has white subway tile interspersed with  bands of blue glass, as well as a glass pebble floor.


It was an exceptionally fun room to work on.  I must hand it to the customer for the blue wall treatment though, it really pulled the whole room together amazingly well.